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1: who did you share part of yourself with: Girl who met at scholl in first attempt to to join humanity, confided in (that was an angel) she didn’t believe, but thought was sweet. still dating. Miranda

2: who doesn’t know but suspects you are not human: Professor at university, possible vampire. knows suspects something is wrong. Mathematics teacher? answers are just too good.

3: who could give you up to an angel right now, if they really wanted to. Integrator demon, first demon met, introduced Archie to unchained in city. Police officer, Destoryer, Mr Cudgel.

4: who would you trust the truest part of yourself if you absolutely had to. Miranda. (see one)

5: Who thinks they have something on you when all they really have is smoke and mirrors? Boss at work, Professor of computer science.


Archie - Doc. Com

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