Alexiel -- Alex

Theater Geek


Who did you share part of yourself with when you first Fell?

~ was sent to kill a young beautiful man who was a play write. He was writing stories about demons and angels that were just too close to reality for the comfort of the God Machine. But she fell for the young man and his stories, so she tried to keep him alive. A different angel was sent to destroy him when her mission failed and she once again failed in her new goal to keep him alive.

• Who doesn’t know, but suspects you’re not human?

~ several people think there is something off about her.

• Who could give you up to the angels right now, if they really
wanted to?
~. I don’t know… A coworker who doesn’t like her? If she could get rid of her she would. But of course the silly human knows nothing about angels and demons

• Who would you trust the truest part of yourself with if you
absolutely had to?

~ the play write who is now dead

She has only been a Demon for about 6 or 7 months. It was her first mission as an Angel so she doesnt even have that much experience to go by.

My girl works in the theater as a make up artist and costumer. She wants to get on stage and perform

So some of her closest coworkers think she is a little off.


Alexiel -- Alex

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