The Razor Labyrinth

The Razor Labyrinth (Introduction)
Dreams of Destruction

New York, January 1st 2015,

The dawn spreads on a new year, another year to be human or to fight the god machine. Last night you partied, or perhaps you called it early, snuggled with someone close, maybe you were out until 3:00 AM hunting down the god machines manipulations and ways as the Cron of a new year hit.but eventually, your human body needed sleep, such a strange thing to need now that you have fallen, you never needed it as an angel, but humans sleep and humans dream so cover demands that you sleep too. and so, you sleep expecting the same dreams you always have, simple common human dreams, the top 5 nightmares, the going to school without your clothes, nothing that would compromise you, just those things that 90% of humans dream every night but forget the next morning….


The world is burning around you, Angels descend from the heavens, and no demons rise to stop them, humans are culled in fire and blood, the city burns, a crack rises in the sky and you see god itself.


A giant Ferris wheel, a carnival, humans enjoying themselves, but what, what is that, their faces are off, the more you focus the less they have, soon they are left as mannequins, all staring at you, reachign for you, pulling you down


The city cracks under you, swallowing and devouring you, the hunters come, and they begin to flay you, you cannot see them but you can feel them, flensing your flesh away, silent, unseen, but the pain, the pain you can feel

You wake up with a cold sweat, panting. that, that was not a dream of your cover, that was not the dreams of the unchained. and there is something very very wrong and it is heading your way.


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